Porting, Development and Customization Services


Abbra provides talented engineering teams capable of porting Vidualize to any target platform.

Our engineering staff have decades of experience implementing and supporting all kinds of embedded systems and desktop operating systems.

From UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, Plan 9, Inferno, vxWorks, Nucleus Plus, Symbian and other proprietary real time kernels, we have the capability to support them all.

The Vidualize engine is written in fully portable ANSI C, with minimal system requirements making porting simple and fast.


Custom development of any software and/or hardware is available for OEM targeting purposes. We are happy to provide engineering resources for any technology project.

The Vidualize engine itself may be extended and integrated into existing larger code bases for specific target applications.

General graphics technology and embedded or desktop system development can be provided by our talented specialists.


All software components forming the Vidualize engine may be customized for specific application areas.

For example, a proprietary media or graphics delivery solution may wish to leverage the power of SVG and XHTML for a specific target application delivering enhanced capability beyond existing offerings. We can provide support development and customization services to create any form of hybrid implementation capable of delivering a solution fast, reliable and extremely cost competitive.

No task is too big or too small, Abbra can do it all!